Hello Angel,

Thank you for your interest in our products. HALOCOUTURE™ offers you a totally unique and simple way to add thick, gorgeous length and volume instantly. It attaches with a miracle wire that will not damage your hair. Now you can have a full head of the finest quality hair for truly angelic hair in an instant! 


It’s that simple! No clips, no bonding, no glue. The weight of your own hair laying on top of your halo aids in keeping it secure and in place, because your extensions are 100% human hair, you may blend it with heated appliances. So quick and easy, you will love your HALOCOUTURE™ extensions.

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PS - We are a socially driven company, and would love it if you shared your before & after photos with us. Be sure to tag #HALOCOUTURE when posting, so we see it. :) 


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